Evelyn Genao

I would have never thought that I would be here writing about my journey because I was chosen as the Member Spotlight. This has been one of my toughest times of my life to where I was feeling so self-conscious about my appearance to the point where I would rather stay home than be seen. I felt ugly and had a lack of motivation to lose weight. 

I was invited by Deborah Pacheco to come work out. I was sick and sore for three days and wasn’t really motivated to come back. I was taking the gym as a joke and eating whatever I wanted. I would say to myself, “I'll burn this at the gym”, but that wasn’t the case. I enrolled in the Drop 2 Jeans Sizes Challenge, and this is where it all changed. I felt a sense of urgency to go back. I was determined to lose the weight and achieve the goal I set for myself. I WAS MOTIVATED! Not just because I was telling myself but because everyone at 212 was motivating me. I was encouraged to eat healthy by Alicia, who taught me how eat right and prepare my food, to the point where it’s now my lifestyle. I started off at 210 lbs and now have lost 40lbs and have never felt this confident in myself.

It's all thanks to 212 Health and Performance for telling me to never give up on myself. For constantly telling me to push harder when I didn’t think I could. For Kerry clapping “Come on Evelyn” throughout class. For all the members who surrounded me, who never looked down on me. For the trainers who would never quit on me. Thank you 212 for becoming such a great part of my life and choosing me to be the Member Spotlight!!

“Never say I can’t, just try it” – Kerry