Andrew Stone

Over the years I would describe myself as an intermittent exerciser.   I would do a combination of weight lifting and running, but would inevitably fall off the wagon at some point.  Running on a treadmill seemed dull and repetitive. I enjoyed running outside, but as the New England winter closed in, I had trouble envisioning myself getting up early in the dark to brave the elements.  One time I spent a small fortune on outdoor running clothes to the chagrin of my wife who knew they would not get adequate use. Of course she turned out to be right.

When I heard about 212 from my good friend Wendy Joering, I was intrigued.  The type of exercise offered at the gym seemed to be a great fusion of cardio and strength training. I liked the idea of taking classes as I am someone who needs a little external direction to get the most out of my workouts. I have now been a member for several years and am so happy that I found 212.  Although my work schedule can make it a challenge to get to the gym, I am exercising more consistently than I ever have. And the more I exercise, the better I feel mentally and physically.

What also makes 212 so special is that the atmosphere is welcoming and fun. The diverse personalities (and musical tastes!) of the instructors are a major reason for this.   I am grateful that I was given this forum to express my feelings towards 212, and I look forward to being a member for many years to come.