Brenda Booth

Wow, I’d like to say how shocked, honored and a bit anxious I was when I received Kerry’s e-mail telling me that I was chosen for the Member Spotlight of the month!  As social as I think I am at times, I’m not apt to run into the spotlight.  Thank you to the 212 team for this honor!

My work out journey started with my husband back in 1999 after recovering from renal transplant surgery.  I was born with a genetic kidney disease and, over the course of my life it hadn’t affected me all that much.  I would end up in the hospital occasionally with kidney infections, but that was about it.  After marrying and relocating to Baltimore in 1996, my husband and I began talking about starting a family.  Unfortunately, our initial visit to the pre-natal doctor discovered that my kidneys were failing.  Traditional family planning turned into getting on the transplant donor list and preparing for dialysis.  Thankfully, my sister came through as a donor match.  I still get emotional thinking about that day when she called and told me that she was a match and wanted to donate one of her kidneys to me.  The transplant was a great success and this May, (on my husband’s birthday!) it will be 19 years—a really good match indeed!

Looking back on it, I was always in denial about having biological children.  Through the transplant process and education on my kidney disease, we realized that adoption would be the best choice.  We happily embarked on this journey, which turned into a two year process with many heart wrenching fits and starts, culminating in receiving the referral of our beautiful Korean daughter Ae [love] Jee [wisdom] on 9/11; a very emotional day. 

Upon returning from Korea, our family settled into a normal routine.  Unfortunately, the lifelong anti-rejection medications can be difficult to adjust to.  One medication in particular really enhances your appetite and with that of course comes weight gain—ugh.  I was becoming depressed about it and my husband suggested that I join him at his gym.  With most gyms I have belonged to over the years (Gold’s, WOW, etc.) I was just “going through the motions” but I was at least doing something. 

After one particularly depressing work out, I noticed a gym near my home that I routinely drove by— Punch… something.  It sounded intimidating and never thought that it was the kind of gym that I would be comfortable in.  I decided to stop in only to discover it was now 212 Health and Performance.  Whew, maybe this gym won’t be as scary as I thought.  Heather was sweet and approachable and she introduced me to Kerry.  He was so friendly and upbeat and instantly made me feel comfortable and welcome.  Soon after, I did my Orientation with Colin, signed up for the 5 week introduction, and the rest is history.  I now work out three or four times per week and have my small group with Kerry once a week that I always look forward to!!!

212 has been a great addition to my life and made me appreciate physical fitness more than I thought possible.  And now, hopefully, the “workout bug” has gotten into our 16 year old daughter Ae Jee.