Bill DeBlois

My journey to 212 came about as it did for many 212 family members. I was active in high school and college sports, got married, had children, and then the old sports injury from college came back to haunt me.

I was first introduced to 212 while having iced tea and fruit (beer and chicken wings) with fellow 212er, Kevin Tracy. I had been out of the gym for a few years with the prognosis of a knee replacement due to arthritis from surgery back in college. I was down to my last option, acupuncture and some form of exercise to strengthen the muscles around my knee. The last thing I had ever considered was swinging kettlebells on a bad knee. However I was desperate, so I decided I would visit 212 and ultimately met with Kerry.

That first meeting with Kerry started a chain of events that resulted in my wife, Kelly, joining 212, my son joining in the summer while training for Junior hockey, and my daughter visiting the gym any time she is home from Boston.

Kerry started by developing a workout that enabled me to push myself without stressing my knee. It wasn’t a “Kim” workout, but it got me started. I finished the 5 week trial program and quickly became a member, progressing over time with very few limitations.  I have belonged to a number of gyms and spent a lot of time in training rooms, but 212 was a whole new experience. The pain inflicted with a rubber band and a slide board was a special experience. And, just when I thought I was pushing myself on a consistent basis, comes Myzone! No more “sure, I am working hard” or “this is about right”. Myzone showed my workout level, not just to me, but to the entire gym. A word of advice, don’t put your real name in the Myzone App!!!!

I cannot thank the ENTIRE 212 staff enough for their encouragement, attention, time, supportive emails, text messages and many, many laughs! Each staff member, at some point, has helped me through the process and made belonging to 212 a great experience.

And then there is you, the 212 Family. An exceptional business such as 212, clearly draws a great clientele. All of you have made going to the gym a fun and enjoyable experience. From classes, to Superhero, to my Monday and Thursday small group sessions with Kerry & Sean, I have met many encouraging, hardworking people that I call friends.