Nelson Vicente

I played high school football and thought that in those years I was in peak physical shape. Little did I know that I became complacent in my workout routine after school ended and life began. 

I went to numerous different gyms trying to find my muscles that had somehow become hidden underneath my body fat. I was just spinning my wheels at these gyms. I had no inspiration, no motivation, and no results. 

I had heard about 212 through my sister. She mentioned the results that her friends had been getting at this "kettlebell gym," and I wanted to find out for myself if this was the real deal. I called the next week and made my appointment. I had sweat more in that 30 minute Orientation with Kerry than I had all month at my gym at the time. I had just tasted a little bit of "challenge," and it tasted good. I went home that night and took my "before" pictures (below, left) and told my wife that after 3 months I would take my "after" pictures (below, right). My results: astonishing! I had my high school six-pack back. I was psyched and wanted to tell everyone I knew about this place. I've been a 212-er for almost a year and a half, and I can now say that I am in much better shape than I was in high school. I work out harder, I work out safer, and I have improved my overall athletic ability. This was proved to me in my recent Spartan races. 212 helped me not only shave 20 minutes off my time, but has put me in the top one percentile in the U.S. rankings.


The best part about this gym is that I actually look forward to going. For me, exercise was once a chore. Now it's an addiction that I crave because within those four brightly painted walls, I finally get what I've been looking for: Inspiration, Motivation, and Results!

Thank you to all the trainers who motivate me and to all the members who inspire me.