Suzanne Cadge

Something drew me through the doors of 212 one summer's day. Was it destiny? I absolutely believe so. 

Since my daughter, Chloe, was born almost 5 years ago, I left behind a competitive background in rowing and long distance triathlons and entered the world of painful injury. One that kept me awake at night and one that meant I became an expert patient of massage, PT, chiropractors, rolfing- you name it, these bits were tweaked, pulled and pummeled. 

I vividly remember my first appointment with Kerry- I was so nervous, having never been into a gym like this before- from the outset I had no expectations about what I could achieve there, but by this point, I had nothing to lose. I recall Joe "the chalk" Dequattro saying to me on that first visit, "Stick with it, this will change your life," and of course, I thought, "Ooooh! That's nice, but I'll remain skeptical if that's okay with you."

Over the past 1.5 years, my body and mind have become strong and totally injury free thanks to Kerry, Sean, Colin and the rest of the 212 crew. But that, as it turns out, has not been the highlight of my experience. I have made some great friendships here, learn to never doubt what I can/can't do and gained invaluable knowledge about how I want to train. I have no need or desire to return to competitive racing, I'm quite happy competing with myself now.

As I enter the final trimester of my second pregnancy, I feel so much support from the 212 family that I am having a blast training through this pregnancy. My only concern is that this baby is going to come out doing spiderman push ups and needing some loud music to fall asleep to!

Thank you 212!