Cathy Grant

A little about myself:
I come from a family of six children. Sadly ALL five of my siblings are not in good health. They all have various very concerning health issues caused by poor choices, bad eating habits and not getting any exercise. All of them have a variety of pills they take every day of their lives. This makes me somewhat the outcast of the family. They can't imagine a healthy lifestyle and I can't imagine not having one.

Years ago, I was on the same road they are on now. Then I met my husband who brought me kicking and screaming into a healthy lifestyle and I haven't looked back since. I find that for the most part now, I have a good balance of diet and exercise and because of that I can honestly say I am healthy.

My drive is that I am determined not to live every day feeling lousy, taking pills, and visiting doctors.

My 212 Story:
The small gym I had been going to closed and I was looking for a new home. I had checked out several places and then a friend told me about 212 which was Punch at the time. I decided to go and check it out. When I got there, the first thing I saw was a girl coming out of the gym looking like she was going to puke but she smiled and said hi anyway. I walked in and my first impression was based off the cement dog wearing a bandana, a couple of people sitting on the floor doing Russian twists with the ropes and a pile of rocks way off in the corner. I liked it!!

I spoke with Heather who was and is super sweet. She answered all of my questions and told me she thought this would be a good fit for me. I got back to work and emailed my friends from the other gym to tell them what I thought because I liked it enough to go back again.

My first training session was with Colin. I thought I was in great shape right up until then! OMG! After class, I got into my car and sat there wanting to either cry, throw up, or both. I must say I was overwhelmed and intimidated at that point. I thought maybe this gym was way too tough for me. However, being that I am not a quitter, I didn't want this gym to get the best of me so I went back and signed up for the essentials course. I figured it was only a few weeks and if I couldn't take it I could always walk away. Every time I felt defeated and thought about dropping out, I just kept telling myself that showing up was the hardest part and that if I just showed up, it was bound to get easier. I guess I was wrong about that part, but then again, that's the point right? Always turn it up one degree. Well, here I am almost two years later "at home" and loving it. I still have my days of wanting to quit, or cry, or throw up, but the next day I just show up again.

In Conclusion:
To be honest, many many times I wanted to quit. There are still days I want to. But, I don't quit and what I find is there is always something that makes me glad I didn't. Small everyday things like:
     A group pulling Colin's car in the parking lot
     Hearing Kerry yelling out instructions before I even get out of my car
     Walking in the door, music blasting and Kerry putting on a dance show
     Everyone looking like they feel the same way I feel when I work out
     Instructors taking classes
     Colin torturing someone else besides me
     Friends I've made saying hi and making small talk as I walk in
The Instructors:
     Kerry- Big Softie
     Colin- No mercy
     Alicia- Goofball
     Sean- "I'll feed you baby birds"
     Steve- Gumby
     Kim- One tough woman!

A diversified group all working towards one goal...helping us reach ours. Thank you 212 for being my new home!