Lisa Ferreira

Hi, my name is Lisa Ferreira and I have been a member of 212 for almost 2 years. Prior to that, I was a member of the gym where Kerry was a personal trainer. He taught a few "bootcamp" classes every week that were always a challenge. When he left to open a new gym, some of the members followed him, but I was afraid to go thinking I would not be able to "keep up." I waited a while and then kept hearing how great the new gym was and how friendly all the members were. So, I finally made an appointment to check it out. Even after the first appointment I was doubtful that I would be able to do it...but I have proven myself wrong. I have become stronger and pushed myself further than I thought I could. I have raised my 3 daughters on my own for the last 22 years and the only thing I have done for myself consistently in those 22 years has been working out. When they were little, I went to the gym on my lunch hour from work and as they got older and were able to stay alone, I began going in the early mornings, which I love! Now that they are adults and have lives of their own, I can do whatever I want!

The workouts at all my other gyms became boring after doing the same thing over and over again. But, at 212 it is something different everyday. You never know what is in store for you when you walk in the building. Everyday is a challenge. I recently went to try on wedding dresses and was not happy with what I saw. Though exercise has never been an issue for me, I had started putting on weight and approached Kerry for a solution. I tried a couple of different things and finally found a food tracking system that helped show me how unhealthy I was really eating. I have followed the program faithfully since the beginning of May and that combined with my workouts has helped me lose 24lbs so far! I feel great. The members and staff of this gym are so encouraging. As I began to lose weight, people would comment on what a great job I was doing. It makes me work even harder to reach my goal. I have my wedding dress hanging in my closet and every time I think about eating junk or skipping a workout, I open the closet door. I have until Dec. 15th to reach my goal and I know I will with the help of 212!