Lucy McKenna

My name is Lucy McKenna; I'm a secondary level special educator with an interest in understanding how people best learn and grow. I volunteer as the Executive Director of the Shambhala Meditation Center of Providence, practice meditation and play the cello (which I just took up in May). 

Since becoming a member of 212 Health and Performance a little over a year ago, I'm in the best physical shape of my life. I'm stronger, faster and have more endurance now than I did 10 years ago as a member of my college crew team. 212 has helped me not only meet but exceed my goals and has done so more effectively than any other gym or athletic program in which I've been involved. 

Since the end of my competitive rowing days, my physical goals have been to stay healthy as I age, to feel strong and good about my body and to have fun while moving. Further, I love being challenged and gain a lot of satisfaction from figuring out how to improve any skill just a bit more. 212 has been the most effective program I've encountered in helping me do this; I've noticed that 212's programming, environment and staff combine to create a proverbial "sweet-spot" for me-- the movements require mental engagement, reward even subtle improvements in technique and don't invite injury; the environment is warm but focused, and the staff consistently maintains high expectations, communicate positively and meet clients where they are in terms of skill and ability. Further, the programming is varied enough to keep me interested without sacrificing the continuity that is necessary for gains in strength and technique. It's no wonder, really, that 212 is so effective- at the risk of sounding like an education geek, these are the hallmarks of great teaching and optimum learning environments! Most importantly, though, I just feel great when I am working out at 212, and that makes me want to come back for more.