Chris Canton

3 years and 30 pounds!

I have been working out with the team of professionals at 212 Health and Performance for over 3 years and my results have far exceeded my expectations.

I initially began working with 212 to gain general strength and flexibility to improve my golf game. However, something happened along the way towards that goal. At first it was an awareness that my general fitness was not even close to what I perceived it to be and I noticed that there were muscles which I had no actively engaged for many years. As the months, years and classes flew by, my strength, flexibility and endurance were steadily improving and I was losing weight.

With the assistance of 212, teamwork, discipline and nutrition have collided to assist me with achieving a new level of complete fitness that has now spanned three years and has me thirty pounds lighter!

There is an intangible attraction about the energy and enthusiasm that the trainers and members of 212 generate that draws you in and keeps you engaged. 

At the age of fifty-eight, the journey continues with new goals and objectives that I did not think were possible a few years ago. Kerry Taylor and the team at 212 Health and Performance have become a key ingredient to my new way of life.