No, You Will Not Get Better

by Kerry Taylor

So, at first glance, you may be saying to yourself, "Wow, that's not like Kerry to say that." Hear me out and let me explain. Over my 20 years of being a coach in the fitness field and football field, a form of this question has come up multiple times. I answer it differently to everyone depending on where they are in their journey. The answer also depends on what you define as "get better." There are two views here to look at.

View 1: Will my technique, form and ability to workout get better?

View 2: Will this ever get easier?

Speaking to View 1, I will give a resounding, YES! If you are willing to be coachable, consistent, and put in the time you will become a technician at different drills and movements. But, it will take time and committment to get there. Just like anything else in life, be patient and it WILL happen.

kerry photo.jpg

Speaking to View 2, I will give a resounding, NO! (kind of) Why? Well, assuming you want to continue on a path of success and increased achievement and growth, you will get into a better condition and, with that, you are able to push a little bit harder, last a little longer, and lift a little more. As time goes on, this will continue to happen. Therefore, you will consistently create new thresholds for yourself to overcome. If you were to do the first workout you did when you started your journey with the same exact weights, time frames, or distances, it would be a piece of cake for you today. So it goes to say as you grow, so do your challenges, therefore, it never gets "easier" per say. 


Until next time, strive to live life 1 degree above the rest!