Are You Coachable?

by Kerry Taylor

In my career of being a health and fitness coach as well as a football coach, I've worked with thousands of individuals. Some of them were highly coachable, others, not so much. I've dealt with my share of eye rolls from people, the complete disregard for what I'm saying or asking them to do, and the constant questioning of everything that was told or given to them to do. Such a frustrating thing for a coach to deal with, especially when as a coach, my only interest is your success. The coachable ones were always the ones that eventually rise to the top and became extremely successful in whatever it was they were trying to achieve. But what is it that a coachable person does that the uncoachable ones do not?

They let their guard down.
When you're striving to achieve something, no one is going to want it more than you do. So, therefore, you hold anything that has to do with it close to heart and will not let anyone jeopardize that. But we have to understand in order to get somewhere worth going to, we can't do it alone. We have to let people help us out along the way to make the journey more pleasant and easier to get to the final destination. 

They take criticism.
This is a crucial one and a highly important trait of coachable people. Too often people will take criticism to heart and allow that to create setbacks mentally instead of just taking it for what it is. Learn and educate yourself with it and continue to move forward. Keep your feelings and emotions out of it.

They always carry a mirror.
Not a real mirror, but if it helps, hey, why not? You have to be willing to look in the mirror first when something doesn't go according to plan. What was your role in it? Don't point the finger at someone else when things don't go your way. 

They allow themselves to be led.
Your way isn't always the right way. It is okay to be a follower per say in this instance. Someone who may have been down your path. Surrender the control you want to have. 

They have faith.
Have the faith that you are being told the best information and direction at that time in order for you to succeed. Having faith in your coach is very powerful, if you don't have that then you're always second guessing and questioning everything that you're told. In turn, you're at a stand still and no longer can create progress.

Being a coachable person will allow you to achieve levels of greatness you never thought you could achieve. Work hard, give your best effort, be willing to learn even if you think you know it already, look for the nuggets that are constantly dropped and left for you, trust in your coach, they are there to do whatever they can to make you successful. 

Until next time, continue to lead a life 1 degree above the rest!