Really Random Thoughts

by Sean St. Onge

And now it's time for Random Thoughts

"Remember the Time" by Michael Jackson, am I the only one that wonders if Michael is referring to The Time, the backup band for Morris Day and The Time fame?? Was this a shout out by Michael to give some love to The Time? That's what I'm going with so...


Hand and wrist positioning when holding a dumbbell is fairly important. Holding the weight "lazily," as shown below (left), is dangerous for the wrists and it decreases the importance of grip strength and training for the hands. Strong hands lead to strong core muscles. Important to not gloss over this. So, hold your bells properly or wear wrist wraps should the weight in your hands be the issue.

When trying to remember the verbal cues for doing STRICT barbell overhead presses, I like to remind clients to tighten from the "roots of the tree up." Meaning, start squeezing your quads, abdomen, glutes, and shoulders as you are pushing the weight up. I also like to say, "plan to scrape your face with the bar," as it ascends and then, "shove your head through your arms," or "push your head through the window!" Just like in The Program...

The "Doolah" I thought was actually named "Abdulah." #didntknowwhatadoolahwas I thought they were one and the same as a midwife. #iwaswayoff

When in a rut and wishing to regain that special feeling of being in shape and attempting to string together some quality training sessions, do two things for yourselves...LIFT SOME HEAVY STUFF and EAT MORE QUALITY FOODS! It sounds so simple and yes, it is. I often say, "aim small, miss small." (Yes, of course that is a movie quote: bonus points for who can name it!) When you need to jump back on the proverbial horse, easiest way to get back into the game and the most bang for your buck? LIFT HEAVY. Specifically, do a heavy goblet squat, bench press, and deadlift variation. Now with everything, "it depends." What is HEAVY to you? Here is a simple plan we like to yourselves up to a CHALLENGING 5 reps of each drill. Reevaluate what is "heavy" on a day to day and week to week basis.

"Brazilian Blow Outs." I thought that was in reference to a Brazilian wax job and didn't realize that it was not the case. Those not in the know, it is apparently a hair styling. All too often wondered why any woman would want a BLOW OUT down there. Seemed a bit extreme. Won't lie, I would often say to myself, "man, these people advertising this stuff are just going all out!" I would just be in awe of this apparent epidemic of needing all hair to be gone.

Homeroids I thought were just ingrown hairs. Just saying.

The phrase, "just living the dream man" is BS. No one should ever dream about doing what they're doing now, you should be dreaming about sleeping that restful.

The only kind of Corvette I want is a Hammerhead Corvette.


"Metal up your ass" will be the title of my first lifting product co-produced probably with Tony Bonvechio. (Just replace the spikes for a barbell)

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