Target Focus Training

Target Focus Training is a powerful, scientifically-proven personal-protection system. TFT is the only program in existence that covers the entire self-protection spectrum, from awareness/avoidance to instinctively responding to unexpected violence. Used by groups such as the US Navy Seals and Army Special Forces, it's not just about's about survival.

This is not about learning how to fight. It's built upon using the most important weapon you have- your brain. Surviving a violent encounter requires the knowledge of what to do and having the will to do it.

This 8 week course will teach the self-protection techniques of TFT. With more than 30 years of martial arts training, Steve Magnelli will take you through real world scenarios to show you how to handle yourself in the event of unavoidable violence. 

Starts: June 7th
Duration: 8 weeks
Day: Sundays, 9:45am-11:00am
Location: Studio B