Fitness Nutrition Services

Alicia Capellan is a certified through NASM as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and AFAA Personal Trainer. Alicia is uniquely qualified to work with healthy individuals who wish to maintain, gain, or lose weight by providing services including nutritional guidance, meal planning and nutritional education. Our approach to nutrition is to truly alter your life choices. Our goal is to address your individual needs, cravings, wants, and challenges and create a sustainable plan that suits your needs and puts you on a path to help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. All individuals who have been diagnosed with specific illnesses directly affecting their diet, i.e. diabetes, obesity, etc., are required to work with a physical or registered dietician to review and approve meal plans. 

Nutrition Consultation
Need a little guidance? Looking for advice on your current nutritional habits? Meet with Alicia for a Consultation. Prior to your Consultation, you will fill out a personal questionnaire regarding your eating habits. Your consultation will consist of a personalized review of your habits, recommendations and guidance for attainment of your fitness goals. Each individual will walk away with an action plan on how to make positive changes. Call or email to schedule your appointment!  



Personal Nutritional Coaching
After your Consultation, you may need a little more guidance on how to change ideas into habits. Setting up weekly coaching sessions and food journaling can give you the extra support you need to help ensure you make the best choices and changes for your goals and lifestyle that will yield the results you are looking for. Each session you will have the opportunity to discuss tips for meal preparation, how to stay on track, create action plans, make small weekly improvements, and more.  

4 weeks $99
8 weeks $189


Education Workshops
After your Consultation, our team will be armed with your individual nutritional questions and concerns. From there, we will put together a personalized education workshop for you where you will learn and have the freedom to ask questions about the most pertinent topics related to your nutritional questions and needs. Each workshop will be individually tailored to educate you on the topics you desire that will set you on the path toward reaching your goals. Some topics may include: good fats vs. bad fats, sugar, additives, importance of protein, and many more.



Meal Planning 
No thinking necessary! Soup to nuts- everything you need to buy, portion sizes, substitutions, it's all done for you. Prior to receiving your meal plan, you will meet with us to discuss your needs, wants, goals, and lifestyle. From there we will be able to design an easy-to-follow meal plan dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Included with this service is the option to meet weekly to keep you on track, making it easy to stay focused and make any necessary adjustments. Not only will the guess work be done for you, but you will gain knowledge that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. 

4 week plan $149
8 week plan $279
12 week plan $399 


Grocery Shopping Trip
Food shopping guide at your service! It can be frustrating trying to wander around the grocery store not knowing what foods to buy especially if you're trying to eat healthy, not to mention staying on budget. It can be a nightmare. Let us help you find the healthier options and alternatives and teach you how to shop smarter by actually shopping with you. During the trip we will explore new foods, compare nutrition labels and educate you on the basics, compare ingredients and nutritional benefits, and give you tips on how to resist temptations. This service includes:

One hour pre-shopping meeting to plan a menu for 3-4 days
grocery list preparation
Guided grocery trip to your favorite grocery store 
Education and getting your personal questions answered right there on the spot

Cost $89


Contact us 401-383-5959 or email to schedule your Nutrition Consultation to get started!