Michelle Souza

As 2017 draws to a close, I was caught in the middle of my end of year inventory.... counting my blessings and thinking of all the areas in my life that need some improvement, when I was caught by surprise. I was in a complete state of shock, yet honored and grateful for this gift from 212.

What a difference this past year and a half has made in my life. Only recently have I begun to understand the MINDBODYSPIRIT connection. I had neglected the BODY part for a long time. Topping the scale at 170 with 2 toddlers a new home and a lost job, my physical health was last on my list of priorities. Starting a new business and maintaining my home and family was exhausting.

When the wonderful #40 started to approach, I was filled with a sense of dread that I would be doomed to remain heavy. I tried to eat healthier and workout from home. This approach was ok for a while, but when I began to backslide I decided I needed help. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone. Joining 212 was a far cry from my solo 5am living room sessions. I tried to hide in a corner (thanks Sandy for sharing) and just follow along.

Somewhere along the way something changed for me. I began to feel a difference on the days I went to class versus the days I skipped. When something new was demonstrated, I tried not to think oh boy not sure to just try. This transition carried into my family and work and have seen a difference in their confidence levels when they complete a class too. I now know that just 1 hour calms my ever racing mind. I know the peace that comes when MINDBODYSPIRIT are in balance. I am thankful for my health and try not to take it for granted. I am thankful for the inspiration and motivation that comes from all the 212ers working towards that same sense of balance. And I look forward to the next challenge, jeans or superhero, because I won't be chasing numbers anymore. I will try to pay more attention to the feeling of happiness that comes over me when my purples turn red.