Meredith Wescott

I am honored to have been chosen as November’s Member Spotlight! My relationship with 212 can really be summed up in how I talk about it. In the past, I would say, begrudgingly, “I’m going to the gym.” Since starting at 212 (8 years ago?!?), I ENTHUSIASTICALLY say, “I’m going to MY gym.” That’s really how it feels. 212 has become one of my favorite happy places and it wouldn’t be that way without the amazing trainers who have turned exercise into my most cherished hobby instead of that thing you have to do to not gain weight.

Although my story with 212 isn’t one of beating the odds physically, I guess you could say I’ve beaten the odds mentally. Like many of you, I struggled with body image in my teens and early twenties. I exerted way too much energy criticizing myself, comparing myself to industry norms (which totally are not normal), and crafting ideas on how to get skinny. I was always an athlete. I had an athlete’s body, but I never knew how to be comfortable with that. By the time I had graduated from college, I had really lost any idea of what health and fitness looked like when you no longer played sports. In hindsight, this led to some really unfortunate eating and thinking habits.

Enter 212…which was then Punch Kettlebell Gym. I had moved into the mill complex and discovered this odd playground for adults. When I started training with Colin, I couldn’t even do a push-up. I had no upper body strength. During that first 5 week program, I was the girl who could literally only make it to the once a week training sessions. I could barely walk down the 3 stairs in my studio apartment because of my muscle soreness. But these five weeks changed my life. I started to crave the feeling of lifting weights, pushing myself to the limits, and being surrounded by some of the most positive and inspirational people I have ever met- trainers and members.

212 has been a constant in my life through many ups and downs. I can say with confidence that it has given me super power strength that people who don’t belong to 212 just don’t understand (yet). When I broke my leg, I would still get down on the floor and do chest presses and sit-ups. When I was pregnant, I still went to as many classes as possible because it feels good to be strong and be around positivity. Now I’m working full time and have a 6 month old, but 212 time is my time. It makes me strong. It makes me feel powerful. And it makes me not care if I’m skinny. It makes me want to fuel my body the right way, and be the strongest, fittest momma I can be.

Thank you Kerry, Sean, Colin, Alicia, Heather, Kim, Steve, Aura, Jess & Kathy for making 212 the magical life-changing place that is. Thank you, also, to all of the 212 momma role-models who showed me how it’s done. ;)