Blythe Penna

Hay Ya’ll!!

I started working out with 212 six years ago…wow!

I have had challenges in my journey of physical fitness, just as in all areas of our lives, if you are pushing the envelope.

Back in “the day” I was into mini-triathlons (I HATE Cardio), body building and figure competitions…it was always easier to stay in shape if I knew I were going to be up on stage! Then about 12 years ago I tore the labrum in my hip and ended up having labral repair surgery when I was 35 years old. I was in chronic pain for about 1.5 years prior to convincing the Hospital for Special Surgery to repair my labrum & the collateral damage. It got to a point where the only thing I could do to move was swim under water with a buoy between my legs to stop my hips from moving…the pain was excruciating. To say the least, I lost most of my muscle and all of my sanity. I can’t even stand to be around me if I miss 2 workouts, much less 2 years!

Post surgery, I was on a bike in PT the next day and began my road to recovery…it took me about a year to get back. Then I discovered 212 and my fitness world began again…you could say I was reborn! I really did feel like getting down on my knees & thanking God that I had found this group of very charismatic people & their music kicked ass too…bonus!

The workouts at 212 brought me back to the land of the living and more than that, changed my life! I had never experienced building strength through functional movement.

The trainers at 212 are continually working with me through the limitations my body occasionally places on me. I own Ruffin’ Wranglers, a dog excursion company, so that presents 212 with added challenges of working with me through doggie induced injuries!

I also thrived on the team culture…I believe anything can be accomplished if you join together & support one another. If the rest of the world could be like 212, there would only be love, support, acceptance, laughter, health, good music & friends…you all have warmed my heart and helped me heal through some tough times in my life & I will be forever grateful. I’m bawling like a big baby as I type!!

I love you all and thanks for enriching my life daily!

Love, Blythe