Dr. Mark Enander

I have been a “gym rat” since 1994.  I used to go to Bally’s gym and workout 2 hours a day, 5-7 days a week, I felt great.

Around 2010 when the Affordable Care Act became law my life changed.  Suddenly I was working 12+ hours a day in order to be compliant.  I stopped going to the gym and gradually gained weight.  I became miserable.

I then remembered a conversation I had with Kerry when he was considering opening a gym and he asked for my opinion.  My response….”just do it!”

I thought well maybe it’s time I take my own advice.  So I went to check out Kerry’s gym.  After 30 minutes talking with Kerry, he had one question…. “What took you so long”?  That was April of 2013.  Well 2+ years later, I’ve lost 20 pounds and am back to the shape I was in 20 years ago.

At 56 years old (and proud of it) with spinal stenosis and 2 lumbar discs which are non-existent, I have little to no pain and more importantly more confidence in myself.

I am especially thankful for all the great members.  You have made working out fun and continue to motivate me and make me laugh. 

Thanks to Kerry who got me to come to the gym, Kim who had the patience of a saint with me in Wednesday’s Kettlebell Class, Alicia who always tolerates my bad jokes and makes class fun, Colin who never lets me quit,  Heather who always has a smile on herface when I walk in, and of course Sean who tolerates me every Friday and somehow makes me do the impossible.

Finally, I’m reminded of a phrase that Kerry told me years ago.  “Every day is a good day because there is something good in everyday”.   When I leave the gym I know I’ve already had a good day regardless of what else happens.