Frank Wilhelm

Thank you to the 212 Team for such an honor being selected for the Member Spotlight! This came to me as quite a surprise being a member for only 8 months.

One common theme you will hear from the members is the comradery between the members and also the instructors.  There are all types of fitness levels that attend this gym.  The one major attribute to the gym members and instructors is no one is judged.  Everyone does their best and supervised consistently by a top notch staff to ensure proper execution preventing injuries and maximizing the workouts.

I am always amazed how in the small sessions with Colin and the rest of the staff knows my capabilities better than I do.  The trainers’ enthusiasm and humorous dispositions make it a joy to attend the gym.  They are able to push me much further than I would even attempt and yet I am successful every time.  Countless times one of the staff members would stop what they are doing and place another weight in front of me (of course it is always one much heavier than I had in my hands).  There has been times during a class when Colin would say, “oh no, you’re not doing the exercise on the white board, do it with the wheel.”  Others in the class would ask “what did you do to Colin for him to make you do that? And then laugh.”  Many members also help push me.  Saying that’s too light, use something heavier, I know you can do it!  Thank you to Jim, Sharmilla, Chris, Ron, Jen, Joe and many others who have motivated with their words of encouragement and help by showing correct form.

In the short time being a member of 212; my waist size is down to a size I haven’t worn in more than 10 years.  My strength has increased greatly; evidenced by the increased weight used.  Weights I used to struggle and exercise with in the beginning aren’t being handled any longer; as I have progressed to heavier weights even during the most arduous routines.  

212 is an integral part of my life as I search for my home to move and live the remainder of my life.  I have been looking in areas which will not take me too far from this gym.  I plan on staying here for the long haul with these amazing instructors and wonderful members!