Devi Ross

In the last two years, there have been two things that have changed how I feel about my body. The first, and most profound, was carrying and giving birth to my son, Teddy. Wow, human bodies are amazing. Motherhood is such an incredibly empowering experience. "If I can do that, I can do anything." All of a sudden, nothing was too heavy, too far, or too difficult. 

The second game changer was training at 212. I started working out at 212 six months before I found out I was pregnant. I was just hitting my stride when I was overcome with a rush of nausea, fatigue and general ickiness. But, by then, I was already addicted to 212. I fought through it and continued to swing bells. The 212 staff helped me by adjusting a few exercises to accommodate my ever-expanding middle, but in general, I did the same exercises as everyone else. As a result, I had a fairly easy pregnancy with few aches or pains and felt strong and confident through my unmedicated labor and delivery. 

Teddy is 14 months old now and I feel better than ever. About six months ago, I noticed that I wasn't poking and prodding at myself in the mirror while trying on clothes in dressing rooms. If something didn't fit, it was no big deal. I no longer spend time wishing I had a smaller butt/thighs/hips/whatever. It's incredible how much time women spend feeling bad about the way they look. It's totally liberating to feel at peace with your body. I'm convinced that feeling strong feels better than feeling skinny (at least feeling strong lets you eat ice cream without guilt). I know I'm not going to be on the cover of some fitness magazine, but thanks to 212, I can lift heavy sh*t and I'm one tough mama and that's enough for me.

NB: I chose to write about this specific part of my 212 journey because I've had many women at the gym ask me about my experience. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also, a big shout out to my 212 10am homies- your positivity is such an awesome part of my day!