Gym Workout Programs in Rumford (RI)

Whether you are interested in basic gym fitness, athletic training programs, or want to accomplish another goal, 212 Health & Performance Center offers everything you need. Our members are a diverse group of people who want to get in the best shape, start moving better or train with a specific purpose in mind. We cater to all ages with members that range from young kids in our afterschool program to people in their 70s in the Rumford, RI area.

We offer introductory classes and monthly memberships that provide sessions with a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, personal training classes, and unlimited gym access. In addition, we have fitness training programs, corporate wellness programs, and after school programs, including a high school athletic program to provide the support and encouragement you need to reach any goal.

Our well-rounded staff has extensive experience in various areas of fitness, training and nutrition, so you will have the needed resources to help accomplish your goals. Compared to huge and impersonal gyms, you will enjoy more focused attention from trainers who want to get to know you. Our members are also a well-rounded group of different people, not just bodybuilders, extreme athletes, or yoga types.

Most of our members come to us looking for something different. If your goal is to be better at something and searching for a place that will help you move forward, we encourage you to browse our website to learn what sets us apart from the average gym and to find more information about the memberships, classes and programs that we offer for members in the Rumford, RI area. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact 212 Health & Performance Center at 401-383-5959.