High School Athletes Training Camp

We took our expertise and experience in competitive sports and created a High School Athletic program designed to help young athletes become the best athletes they can be.

Every athlete uses the off season to enhance their abilities and cannot rely on practices alone to develop all the skills necessary to excel. In this 8 week program your athlete will not only become stronger, faster and more agile, but will gain valuable training protocols to help them continue to compete at their highest level and remain injury-free throughout the season. 

Each athlete will receive pre and post program assessments to show progress. Limited participation allows us to focus on each athlete individually to ensure growth in his/her specific sport both mentally and physically.

Our 8 Week Program Will:

  • Include pre and post program assessments

  • Help eliminate common injuries that can come with starting the season

  • Increase your athlete's power, speed, endurance and mobility

  • Increase confidence on and off the field

  • Build a strong foundation for strength training for their sport

  • Get athletes mentally and physically prepared to compete

This program is strictly limited to 12 participants ages 13-18.

Cost: $239/athlete
Meets: Mondays and Wednesdays 4pm-5pm for 8 weeks

Session Begins: Monday, 9/16/19 and runs 8 weeks