Are We There Yet?

by Kerry Taylor

Here we are! We just passed the halfway mark of the year. For all you that set some new resolutions at the beginning of 2016, where do you stand? Are you still going strong towards these goals? Did you hit some adversity? Everybody will experience bumps in the road and next thing we know, we say to ourselves "screw it!" Here are 3 steps to get yourself back on track if you've lost your way.

1. Make sure you have your plan

Once you decided that you wanted to achieve this resolution, you should have put a plan together. That's step one. If you didn't do that and you just started futzing away, then stop what you're doing and put a plan together now.

If you did put one together, are you still following it? Is it ineffective? If you find what you've been doing isn't working then it's time to go back to the drawing board and make some tweaks to the plan. Every plan will work, but sometimes we have to abort and make a tweak here and there. Just keep going until progress resumes.

2. Give in and get a coach

If at this point you veered off course and you're not making progress then maybe it's time to get a coach. A coach can be anyone, just make sure it's someone you trust and believe in. We all want to make achievements on our own, but once you get a coach in your corner, the chances of you getting to the mountaintop increase immensely. 

I did and I couldn't be more thrilled at that decision. I hired a nutrition coach to bring things to the next level. My nutrition hasn't been better, and my weight is down and has stayed down. You can get a coach for anything, you just have to seek them out.

3. Real recognize real

Were you realistic when you first made your resolution? Maybe you shot extremely high and because of that, the progress has been extremely slow in your eyes. Take your resolution and rewrite it to help you achieve success. I'm not saying give up on the original goal, what I'm saying is reword it to make it more realistic for you and attainable. 

For example, one resolution that's usually on top of many people's lists year after year is weight loss. I bet someone aimed to lose 50 pounds this year, and that's great! That's a great goal to have, but if you're not getting there fast enough to please yourself, you'll abort the goal. Maybe it's added to the list again next year. Instead of that, how about you say this instead, "my goal is to lose 50 pounds this year by losing 5 pounds each month." Did you see what I did there? I've build in a buffer for myself.

Remember, at some point, your resolution was important to you...that's why you wrote it down in the first place. You may be struggling to get there, but don't give up on it just yet. Just go back to the drawing board, shake it off and start again.

Until next time, continue to strive for greatness and live life 1 degree above the rest.