8 Things You May Not Know About Me

by Kerry Taylor

In this blog post I wanted to have a little fun and share 8 things you may not know about me. Some may surprise you and some may not.

"What part of Jamaica? Right near da beach...boyeeee!"
Well, I'm not exactly from Jamaica, but my family is from the West Indies. More specifically, Trinidad (my dad's side) and Barbados (my mother's side). When I was younger I used to split my summers and spend half in Trinidad and half in Barbados. Back then, I didn't know how great I had it. If only I could go back in time. That, unfortunately, changed when I started to really get into sports.

I was almost a model
Hahaha...well, not exactly. I was going to be a sneaker model for Converse back in high school. That was taken off the table when we found out I had the potential to play college football.

I lost my very first fight ever back in high school. Of course the fight was over nonsense, but hey, it was high school. Of course there was a rematch, and I ended my high school fighting career 1-1. Lol.

Trainer for the Red Team
A few years ago I applied to be one of the trainers for The Biggest Loser. I couldn't truly see myself doing it, but hey, why not give it a shot? What's the worst that could happen? Obviously, you guys know the result, I didn't get picked. It was fun going through the whole process of it all. 

Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah
I was a cheerleader for 2 days in high school. I went to practice and everything. Our cheerleaders wanted to compete co-ed, so I and 2 of my teammates went to help in the cause, but it didn't work out. My cheerleading career was very short lived. 

My biggest fear is having to walk or drive over a bridge.  I don't know why. I didn't have any traumatic events on a bridge growing up to make me feel this way. They just freak me the hell out. If you're ever in the car with me or following behind me and we go over a bridge, you'll notice I will always venture towards the middle of the bridge. I'm getting a little nervous just thinking about it. Next topic...

No up, down, go side, side
I took Tae Kwon Doe for a few years when I was younger. I made it to a yellow belt before I stopped. I really enjoyed it, I was Bruce Leroy in the making. I tried to take it back up a few years ago, but time wouldn't allow it to happen.

I was a master builder
I could make anything out of Legos. I wish I still had them. I had thousands upon thousands of pieces. I would spend all day trying to build things, take them apart and put them back together again. Very rarely did I ever create what they were supposed to be more than once. 

So there you have it ladies and gents. 8 things you may not have known about me. 

Until next time, continue to live a life 1 degree above the rest.