Melissa Curran

I admit, I’m a bit of an exercise enthusiast.  I couldn’t imagine my life any other way!  I am a wife, a mother of three wonderful daughters, a co-founder of a small business and I practice pediatrics at East Bay Pediatrics in Barrington.  And while these responsibilities keep me busy as it is, every day I manage to carve out time to exercise. Working out is my stress release, my problem-solver, my escape, my confidence booster, my passion, all in addition to my means of staying healthy. I love it.  My kids grew up seeing me getting up at 5am to run or go to the gym. They made fun of me, but now all three have incorporated this same routine in their lives! Proud mom!  

I have played tennis, lacrosse, and rugby. I am a runner (well, jogger), spinner and triathlete.  But now, more importantly, I am a member of 212.  As I have learned over the years, cardio isn’t all that I need to be doing.  It’s easy and convenient, yet core and strength, especially as I age, are paramount.  Strength training and having fun while doing this can be challenging- as well as hard to come by!  The trainers at 212 have mastered this.  

I have belonged to a number of gyms but now I’ve found my home.  I love the energy and vibe when I walk in the door.  I love the enthusiasm that the trainers have for each member.  I love the people whom 212 attracts- all ages, athletic abilities, and sizes.  I LOVE NO MIRRORS!  You can workout without judgement.  It is just you, your weights, and your 212 family.

Thank you Kerry and team for making me feel comfortable and happy at 212 :)