Rich Flynn

So growing up in the North of England I was not what you would call naturally gifted in the sports department. In later years, I did sign up for a Sunday Football Pub League and the team was called Firkin FC. We were pretty bad. Half the time would consist of cans of Fosters lager, puffing on cigarettes, and coughing fits. Still, it was a load of fun and the craic was good.

Coming to the US was a turning point. Many of our British friends were convinced it would end badly- I would give in to the temptations of the “drive thru” and become enormously fat. The first few years were spent thwarting this- signing up for mini triathlons, multiple gym memberships, and buying any get fit quick piece of crap on paid for TV ads. Slowly, but surely, the creep set in, less active, more focus on getting ahead rather than staying healthy. Each Christmas, the same goals, “going to get fit and change things, going to get fit and change things.” Before I knew it, I was ascending to the 300 club and seriously considering embracing that life when all around me seemed to be in the same boat.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine had told me about this guy Kerry and his kettlebell gym somewhere in Rumford. My friend was a fit fella really talked up the place. Now, by this time, I am in Rhode Island mindset, “Rumford… that is way too far way to go for exercise. Never gonna happen.” Well that was a year ago. I met Kerry and somewhere along the way he got me working on the resistance to change mindset that needs to happen in an honest and direct way. We talked about getting the muscle between your ears in the right place and follow the simple KISS rule- “Keep it Simple Stupid.” This works for someone like me, throw in a few bright colored lights showing effort, and Bob’s your uncle, my Pavlov instincts kick in and I’m fully switched on with singular purpose.

It is fair to say I have had some knocks and sore spots along the way, but with a keen interest from the 212 trainers and willingness to show work arounds, I have remained fairly focused on the goals I set for myself. It really helps when the environment where you inflict this pain is quite pleasant and friendly. I have to commend Kerry and his colleagues for their ability to keep it loose but make sure you challenge yourself every single day.

Thanks to all the trainers and their dedication to the challenge.

Codswallop…right Sean…