Derrick Gelsomino

Kerry and I met a while back when I was working for a marketing company. I came in to discuss options on how he could create more business and truly develop his brand in the RI and Southern New England marketplace. I would like to say my program helped, but what attracted me to join was truly his passion and dedication to his clients and staff.  

I started attending class in the summer of 2017. My original goal was to truly just get back into some shape so I could play intermural sports and run a 5K without feeling my age. 

In the past I would weight train at a local gym under the guidance of a few trainers, but that got to be too vanilla. I was not doing a lot of cardio at all and I was not able to shed weight the way I wanted to. My metabolism was not what it once was, so I knew I needed to change things up. 

I decide to drive down to Rumford and meet with Heather and Kerry to see if they could help this has-been out. Heather also needed a guy on her soccer team, so we had to speed up the training. 

Thankfully, the team here is first class. They take pride in making sure each person understands the movements and also pushes you to reach your true potential. This was my first time in a class like setting so the guidance has helped significantly. As an added bonus Kerry wakes me up with his fine vocals on a regular basis (think of a howling homeless cat, ha-ha).  

My favorite part about the group here is they focus on the personal connection. I see many members who have joined years ago and new members just starting out; they make you feel like you are part of a family. This, to me, is what makes 212 a special place.    

Reflecting on my year at the gym, the team has helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. I am in the best shape of my adult life and can do things I didn’t think I would be able to do. When I leave a class in the morning or at night I feel more focused and driven. My confidence level, both personally and professionally, have grown tremendously because of this.  

Thank you 212. You continue to help us all be better.