Karen Mooney

Hi, my name is Karen Mooney. I've been a member of 212 for about 8 years now. Wow! 8 years at pretty much 5 times a week, and I'm still learning new things. Being committed to something for that long and still looking forward to each work out definitely says something about 212 and all of the staff. At this gym I never feel bored or stagnant. I am consistently challenged and motivated. It's because of this that I am hooked, and I keep coming back for more! It may be a day that I am taking it easy, or a day that I push myself to the max. No matter what, I always walk out of 212 feeling much better than I did walking in (both physically and mentally)!

I'll be turning 59 this March! Getting older is inevitable, but by making this gym a part of my daily routine I feel stronger than I ever have before. I owe that to my commitment to 212 and the trainers' commitment to me. I've learned the importance of great form and listening to your body. I think "taking it easy on some days" has finally sunk in my head! My job is very physical- and has been for the past 27 years. Working with young children has certainly added to the normal wear and tear on my shoulders and knees. The trainers at 212 have provided me with warm-ups, rolling techniques, and form corrections that help these problem areas for me.

About a year and a half ago I had a disc protrusion that caused inflammation in my back. Although the disk corrected itself with stretches I learned at 212 (backbend in the loop, hanging full body stretch), the inflammation was still pressing on a nerve to my knee. I couldn't even bend my knee without extreme pain. My range of motion was almost completely gone. I could no longer squat like I used to, and I certainly couldn't squat with any weight. This kept me from doing so much! I hated not being able to work out at my full potential. Prior to this my legs were the strongest part of my body. I remember my first goblet squat with a brown kettlebell- I was so proud of myself! Now I was back to square one. I kept coming to the gym, and found alternatives to keep myself moving. With the encouragement of Kerry and his team I started to focus on more upper body exercises. As angry as I was feeling about my new limits, one good thing came from it- my upper body became stronger! For me, it's natural to push myself in the areas that are easiest. By being forced to work my upper body I was able to focus on an area I normally wouldn't have. I was able to increase my weight in chest presses, shoulder presses, and rows! My nerve problem has gotten much better, but there are still days where a squat with a green is harder for me than a press with a red- who would have thought!

The trainers at 212 know what each and every one of us has going on. Whether it's an injury like mine, an illness, or a loss in your family, they have you and your best interest in mind. That's not something you see in every gym. You'll get a pat on the back when you're doing your best, no matter what kettlebell size is in your hand. There's nothing like hearing, "Great job, Mooney...Good work Kare Bear...or N-I-C-E Karen," when you're pushing yourself to that next degree. That's why the motto here is so fitting! The energy, encouragement, and motivation of the trainers and members around you make it impossible to do anything less. Even at 6am the class is full, and I'm surrounded by friend who are motivating and inspiring me! I can't thank you all enough- Kerry, Sean, Steve, Kim, Colin, Alicia, Aura, Heather, Kathy, and Jessica. I am the best version of myself because of all of you! One day I'll be the 80 year old 212 member, still feeling better on the way out the door than I did on the way in.