Kim Ridley

I moved to East Providence, from Richmond Virginia, in 2008, to take the Director of Diversity position at the Gordon School.  I was recently promoted to the Assistant Head of the Gordon School, with the focus of my work being on teacher professional development, and overseeing the teacher evaluation and curriculum processes.  I am also a trained clinical psychologist (Ph.D.) and spent many years working with children and families in many different settings from hospitals, residential treatment facilities and schools.

My journey to 212 actually started in 2009, when I was making one of my Seven Stars stops!  I walked in and looked at the gym and didn't see any of the machines and gadgets I was accustomed to seeing.  The receptionist, though I am not sure it was Heather, explained to me the philosophy of this fitness center, and I have to say, I was immediately intimidated because the only kind of working out I had done was walking, and doing some BS workout at Healthtracks.  The truth is, I wasn't serious or committed.

The following summer I experienced a major life event that made me realize that I needed to take control of my health and my life.  I first joined Weight Watchers and then remembered that fitness center I visited in 2009.  Out of desperation I decided to get over my fears, and in September 2010, I walked through the doors of 212 and was met with compassion, care,  patience, and concern; I met Kerry.  I remember meeting Kerry, then Sean, and Colin.  It was the first time in my life that I ever did any vigorous, challenging exercise that made me sweat, and want to throw up and cry.  I was so embarrassed at first, but I also met other compassionate and committed people, who inspired me to keep going.  The people who work out here represent all shapes and sizes, ages, and walks of life.  I really appreciate that I am not the only big butt, thick-thighed woman trying to get in shape!  So far I have lost well over twenty pounds since I started.  My goal is to lose twenty more.

My current trainer is Kim Magnelli.  She is a petite, small framed woman whose workouts are harder than Kerry's, well close.  She pushes hard and I have grown stronger and more agile since working closely with her for two years.  She is so nice about demanding that I utilize every second of a challenging, yet invigorating work-out experience. She never stops smiling even when inside, I feel like I might need CPR.

Thank you 212 for making me a healthier, and happier human being!