4 Things You're Doing to Sabotage Your Diet

by Kerry Taylor

Have you ever said to yourself, “I want to eat healthier and lose some weight while I’m at it?” Or maybe you said, “I just want to maintain the weight I’m at.”  The amount of calories we consume will play a major role in how our body changes.  Even when we think we’ve pulled it off and have done everything right with our calorie numbers, there is an aspect of looking at our calories we usually don’t account for.  It’s the hidden calories, they are staring us in our face but we don’t realize how much of an impact these simple things can make.  We are sabotaging our own success without even knowing it.  How? Simple, here are four ways we sabotage ourselves when it comes to properly fueling ourselves to lose or maintain weight.

1. Coffee


That good ole’ morning brew!  Coffee has been the one constant in my day since I’ve become a coach.  At least one client at some point the day will mention they need it, or they will be sipping it when they come into the gym. Even better now, 212 Health and Performance is located right next to 7 Stars Bakery.  They pump out coffee all day long.  It’s not the coffee that is the problem, it’s what we put in the coffee that causes the issues. All the creams and sugars that are added can easily add 100 calories or more to a cup that had virtually none.  What do you add to your coffee?  How many cups do you have a day?  

2. Salads


Salads are great to have, I love them myself. I would encourage everyone to try and have at least one salad a day.  Load that salad up with as much vegetables of different colors as you can.  Where we can go wrong is with all the extras we put on our salads.  Things such as salad dressings, croutons, nuts, berries, cheeses, and all the other options that are there add calories to something that, even though large, is not very calorie dense.  Adding a little bit of these can very quickly double the amount of calories in our salad.  What do you add to your salads?

3. Peanut Butters

peanut butter.jpg

Hanks is a popular brand of peanut butter we carry here that is infused with protein. Great! Love it! And that’s the problem. LOL. Peanut butter is a very calorie dense food, which means you get a lot of calories in a small amount.  Because of this, we can easily overeat, one spoonful turns into two, two turns into three and on and on. The next thing we know, half the jar is gone.  You can see how we can easily get out of control and overeat on peanut butter.  Do you have some on an apple for a snack?  Do you put it in your smoothie?

4. Condiments


Think of what you add to your foods.  BBQ sauce on your chicken or glaze on salmon?  These are just two examples, how many others can you think of?  These simple taste boosters can wreak havoc on how many additional calories we end up consuming when it’s all said and done.  Do you even include these in your tracking of your numbers?  

By looking at these four sabotaging ways, it’s easy to see how it could take us a lot longer to get from point A to point B.  If any or all of these made you say, “yup, that’s me” or “I need to fix that,” then come check out our Free Healthy Eating Workshop on August 24th at 9:00AM!
Call 401-383-5959 or email info@212healthandperformance.com to reserve your spot. we would love to have you and help you with living a healthier lifestyle.

Until next time, continue to live a life, 1 degree above the rest!!  See you soon!