Stop Sabotaging Yourself

by Alicia Capellan

We all have those moments where we find ourselves geting out of control from the lifestyle we strive for, possibly even over and over again. I will admit I have those moments where I need to step back, take the tools I have learned and preached to prepare myself. I am human too! Of course pizza is delicious and cake is the bomb! I am aware of the moments when I have different foods choices and my body tells me right away. I am stiff, cranky, and sore the next morning waking up. My body will show its performance during my workout routine; I am breathing differently, experiencing lack of stamina, feeling weak, or even super inflamed. Last one that is very common for myself when I do not follow my normal eating regime would be onset of bloating!

I hate feeling bloated! Once I have more sugar than my body is use to, have more carbs, something fried, or drink alcohol, my body loves to hold onto water weight. The feeling brings my mood down because I am uncomfortable. I bounce around all day long at work… literally, then between dance lessons, watching kids, and all these other activities I have going on, I do not have time for feeling like shit.  I have to balance my mental health, physical health, and well-being. The balance is that I know I am human and a slice of pizza will not be the end of the world for me. BUT, when I have goals, the mindset has to shift over to will power and determination!

I have done it many times in the past when I have a goal for a bike race, a performance, or a strongman completion. I had to train my mind to understand that I can taste candy, ice cream, pizza, and burgers with the bun, fries, (whatever your go-to “cheat” food may be), I can have it afterwards because it will always be there. The point is that I know I will be feeling great! I will be ahead of the game with my performance skills. I will wake up knowing I’ve done my best the day before and let’s kill it for the day ahead. So much work and time goes into working out and practices, why would I sabotage myself if I have this goal ahead of me?  

Everyone has been there at some point in his or her lives. I have heard stories from some people who feel like every weekend they are not prepared because they have x-y-z happening, but the weekdays they eat perfect.  The excuse of whichever season it may be comes up a lot! It is the holiday season, it is the summer, it is my birthday month, or I have so many parties to go to! The excuses are valid, but just own up to them! This is something that is taught in the Drop Two Jeans Sizes Challenge program. (Shameless plug!) You are aware that you are eating things that you shouldn’t because you have a goal in mind. How important is this goal for you then?

The other excuses I have heard about certain habits people have created as their lunchtime or nighttime routine. Such as having a treat once a day, or having a late night snack that might be loaded with sugar or over-indulging.  We create these habits over time and think that it will be alright because we would make a better choice with other food choices. Switching creamer to almond milk in your coffee will not make a difference when you choose to have candy from a co-workers desk every day or multiple times a day.

First step on how you can figure out how you can get ahead and make those small changes when a weekend comes is creating a new habit in place of what you have been doing all along.  Start writing down and log your food and amount of exercise you are getting. I know everyone hates this part, but it is something that has to be done so you can see the damage written out on paper.

Second step, which is something I do all the time, is having someone keep me accountable. Finding someone with the same goal or someone who can be a consistent supportive role. Checking in and talking about your goals along with the accomplishments will help. That’s all good, but you also have to tell this person your downfalls so they can give you advice. At 212 Health and Performance we have that option! That’s what our coaches do!

Third step will be to educate yourself before just jumping into something when you want to make these changes in your life. It can be stressful! Your thoughts and emotions can take a toll at times when you are starting all over again. Just because Becky and her mom are doing a new crazy diet and they have some products they want you to try out because it worked for them does not mean that it could work for you. Plus, the end of it will sweep you somehow. Take the chance to know what real food is, how to prepare your own snacks and meals according to YOUR lifestyle, not Becky and her mom.

Ask your coaches for some advice, that is what we are here for. We want you to succeed since day one at your Orientation when we asked you what your goals are. If you have a new goal, we want you to share that thought process with us. You are now part of the 212 family and we will make sure we lead you down the right path.