Working Out is Useless, Why Bother?

by Kerry Taylor

Recently, I was able to reconnect with an old teammate. Of course we were thinking about the old times and reminiscing about our time on the field and with our team. Then we started to talk about life and where we are now, what were doing etc. His life is going great and so is mine, not many complaints to point out. Then, of course, we started to discuss 212 Health and Performance, my other baby. Like most, he assumes I workout all of time time, but that is not the case. I discussed my challenges with making sure I get in my workouts. His response, ”Don’t workout, you look in good shape. Look at me, I don’t workout and I look pretty good.” We both burst out laughing, hahahaha. This made me think to myself, how many people out there have the same view? Yeah, of course in the back of my mind I would like to drop a few pounds and lose some fat,  but there are more benefits and reasons to workout beside the obvious. Here are some of the other major reasons I try to make sure I get my workouts in no matter how long or short. I try to always do something.

1. Have a longer Play-Span
In one of my more recent blogs, I went into the idea of what Play-Span is a little further. But in a nut shell, your Play-Span is how long you can do the things you love to do physically and mentally. What good is it to live a long life if you can’t do the things you love or spend time with those you love? Working out helps to elongate your Play-Span.

2. Teaches you the right mindset
Having the right mindset is the key to success. Working out teaches us how to have a growth mindset. I mean, look at what you do when you workout, you are always trying to improve in something, in some way, knowing that one day you will get there if you stay consistent. That thought process ends up carrying over into your daily life activities no matter what they are.

3. Empowering
You remember that feeling when you finally crossed the threshold of a goal you were aiming for and how long it took? Staying the course and being consistent helps you to do that. I’ve seen many women throw around weight and do things in the gym that they probably never thought possible when they walked into our doors. How empowering is that to know you can do something that most people can’t do?!

4. Makes you stronger
It obviously will make you physically stronger over time, but your mental strength goes to a whole new level. Working out is all about challenging yourself to some degree. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed, sometimes we feel like it, and sometimes we want to say F*%^ it!  The challenging moments of what can be seen as a level of failure or disappointment helps create mental fortitude.

5. Improves sleep
Nothing better than activity to help you relax your mind and body when it comes time to wind down. Next on our list is receiving stress. With a clear head it is easier to relax your mind and body for sleep. Here is a video we did to give you some tips on other things you can do to help shut the body down so you can get to sleep. Sleep is crucial to the body rebuilding itself.

6. Relieves stress
Stress!! We all deal with it at some point, some more than others. Working out will help you manage it so it doesn’t overtake you. When those endorphins are released, stress and anxiety start to disappear.

7. Energy booster
If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to keep your energy up. Most of the time I don’t have a problem with this, but the days I do, I like to have simple solutions to help jump start me.  The top one on my list is exercise. I know I said it would help you sleep, but at the same time, your body will release endorphins that will jump start that body to keep pushing along.

Next time you say working out is not worth it because of frustration of being at a plateau or having a bad day, just look at all the other benefits you will be getting! Until next time, continue to live life 1 degree above the rest!