Happy New Year

by Kerry Taylor

3,2,1….Happy New Year! Every new year marks a new beginning, a fresh start for everyone. The ability to start anew sparks something inside people to set new goals for themselves. Unfortunately, over time, that spark can be lost. Here are a few tips or adjustments you can make to help keep you moving successfully down the path you envisioned for yourself.

Kaleidoscope of Images
Create successful images of what you want to achieve anywhere, on a board, on your fridge, your car, your phone. This will keep it on your mind. This will remind you mentally of what you want so you will always be working towards it subconsciously.

Screw the Goal
At least for now. We always set our sights on the goal, well instead, let's look at the process of getting there. If getting there isn’t fun, eventually you may say, "screw it". Here are two simple things you can do to make the process more pleasurable:

  1. Music: I say it all the time, music, good music does something to the soul and mental state. Have your goal-achieving playlist together and play it when it’s time to take steps forward.
  2. Create a game for yourself: everyone loves to play games. Give yourself points for each achievement you make on your way, or take away points if you don’t. The total amount of points needed to complete the process is determined by you.

Improve What You Overlook
Sleep, diet and you time, these are things that I feel are always overlooked. Sometimes paying a little bit more attention to these and adjusting them to better fit your needs will help your productivity and motivation sky rocket. Not enough sleep will constantly wear you down. Not fueling yourself properly will not allow you the energy you need to be moving and charged up. Everyone needs to step away from normal life for a little bit which will help recenter you so you can move forward. Pay a little bit more attention to these three and I promise you won’t regret it.

Climb Mount Wycheproof (486ft)
Before you tackle Mount Everest (8868ft), start a bit smaller. You see and hear it all the time, dream big. Sometimes we may dream so big that in the back of our mind you may say, “how the heck am I going to get there?” This isn’t the worst feeling in the world. The worst feeling is if it feels so insurmountable that you are demotivated by it. If that’s the case, make the goal a little smaller so it excites you and doesn’t crush you.

Skip the Half and go for the Full
Ahh, I just said the exact opposite. Why did I do that? Because sometimes that big goal is what will get your blood on fire to do what needs to be done to get there. Small goals just don’t motivate you enough. Decide who you are and go for it.

Go for what you want, the time is now. I wish you nothing but great success on getting there. If you need support or a coach, don’t be afraid to reach out. Until next time, continue to turn it up one more degree in everything you do.