6 Foods to Eat Before Your Morning Workout

by Nick Rabar

Wake up, it's time to sweat! Check that class schedule, put on those leggings and Captain America tees, foam roll that soft tissue and when the big man screams “ight baby let's go!” ask yourself one question, did you take time to eat this morning? Well you should have! How you gonna keep those sexy svelte frames of yours in pristine condition without topping off the tank before you hit the road? Well sisters and bros of 212, it's easier than you think to get a little sumthin' sumthin' in you to maximize your performance and make it your best session yet! Here are a few quick and easy foods to eat 1 hour before you bust out those burpees and dumpster runs like its your J.O.B!

1. Bananas & Multigrain Toast
We all know bananas are the most pimped out work out food on the planet, but did you know they are loaded with fast acting carbs that help rebuild damaged muscles? They restore glycerin and are loaded with potassium so eating them before a workout actually speeds up your recovery time and helps keep you feeling strong all day. Couple them with seeded multigrain toast for super easy digestion and extra carbs for a solid energy release throughout your routine.

2. Greek Yogurt and Mixed Nuts
This easy-on-the-stomach combo has everything the body needs to propel you forward and keep the body moving. Nuts help keep the insulin levels high and greek yogurt provides substantial protein and carbs without all the artificial sugars of regular yogurt. Adding a little dried fruit though would give a nice little natural sugar kick for that extra boost! 

3. Whole Wheat English Muffin & Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese is back for all the right reasons. It's a fat loss stimulate, especially around the stomach, so for those looking to tighten that tummy this is your new bff. Paired with the whole wheat carbs it's a simple to make snack that enhances fat burning and keeps those energy levels high even after we scream "212 on 3"! Want to turn it up one more degree? Add an apple to this morning ensemble for additional endurance and muscle strength. 

4. High Fiber Cereal with Blueberries
Literally by the dry handful. This super easy on the body combo has everything you can ever ask for. It's loaded with vitamins, complex carbs, good sugars, antioxidants and fiber which allow your body to absorb more macronutrients which are vital for muscle growth. Blueberries are also fiber-rich but contain vitamin C and B6 which give huge energy bursts while also helping keep cholesterol in check. Blueberries are body, heart and brain food; eat often and feel better, it's that simple.

5. Caffeine Smoothie
Caffeine improves athletic performance especially when you know how to use it. 200mg’s of caffeine is the magic number which is equivalent to a medium Seven Stars coffee. Now just drinking coffee without food may lead to jitters or a light head so you’ve got to put some padding on it. Putting an ice coffee in a blender with yogurt, almond milk, almond butter and a little cinnamon for brain boost will add mega amounts of potassium, protein, fibers and carbs to your daily cup of Joe. 

6. Oats & Peanut Butter
Oats are your one stop shop for all your macros. Good calories, fiber, protein, slow digesting carbs for long lasting energy when eaten before a workout. Peanut butter is its perfect partner because it adds good calories and lots of moderate levels of everything the body needs to build and repair muscle. Peanut butter's most redeeming quality is it's loaded with mono saturated fats. Those are the healthy variety that can help prevent heart disease and are not as likely to be stored in the body as fat. It's also a steady source of protein, though to boost that protein punch hit it up with some chia seeds to accelerate that post workout recovery. Check out the video links to these killer overnight oats videos I made with my buddies at Cigna Insurance. Simple, easy to make and delicious. Hope you guys enjoy, keep cooking and keep moving!