Why do a Tough Mudder?

by Kerry Taylor

I recently just finished my 3rd Tough Mudder. It continues to be a good time each time I do it. I do love a challenge and the added aspect of teamwork to be used along the way to complete the challenge. I know by looking at some of the photos and videos you may be saying, "Fun? Kerry is out of his mind. I will never do that." I mean, they do make you sign a death waiver. All of that aside, I wanted to share with you a few reasons why you should have a Tough Mudder on your list of challenges to take on in the future.

Test Yourself
We all train to get into better shape, stronger, more agile and resilient, the list goes on and on. Ultimately, the real question is, what can our bodies do and what can our bodies handle? The Tough Mudder will answer those questions for you, especially if you do the course at Mt. Snow. It's a 10+ mile hike up and down a mountain, but when you get to the top, the view is amazing!

Boost of Confidence
Scaling a 15 foot wall, swinging like Tarzan to ring a bell and reliving your childhood going across monkey bars, are just a few obstacles you may come across. Events like these are sure to increase your confidence to take on any challenge that is in front of you.

"You mean to tell me, I'm going to hike up and down a mountain for 13 miles, with a bunch of obstacles along the way?!" Going through this, at some point, or at a few points, you're going to want to quit, but you will keep going. Your pride won't let you stop. As you cross the finish line, receive your beer, t-shirt and the coveted orange headband, and then stand there spent, you'll ask yourself, "how did I do that?" You will then walk yourself mentally through the whole course and realize all that you've done and came out on the other end in one piece.

Friend of a friend
At the beginning of the race you start as a team, but at the end you become so much more. You've allowed your teammates to see your weaknesses and struggles. This is something we don't willingly like to show others. Trust me, it will happen, whether you want to or not. After you are done washing the mud off your bodies, you've created a new bond with the people on your team that will forever be there and only you guys can share. 

To go through an obstacle course will take you back to your childhood. At least it took me back to mine. I was a very active, adventurous kid. Being able to climb, crawl, swim, push, pull, carry, jump and run through obstacles- it doesn't get any better than that. I'm getting excited again just thinking about it.

I may not have convinced you to do a Tough Mudder, but maybe I was able to get you to think about it. If you can muster up the guts and do one, I'm sure there will be many future opportunities to challenge yourself (August 13th in NH). You do have what it takes to be a Tough Mudder, just give it a shot!

Until next time, continue to live a life 1 degree above the rest!