Beast Mode

by Kerry Taylor

"Okay guys we're going through every round one more time. But I will shorten the rounds a little bit so we can get through all of them," Kim calmly says over the microphone. "Alright!!! Let's go," I said to myself. And the supposed "Beast Mode" kicked in. I tried to step up my game for the second go around. My body was loose, the music was grooving and the zone was achieved. 

So what is this "Beast Mode"? the internet defines it as, "a hyper, energetic, outgoing wilding out state of mind." 

It is a powerful statement, but unfortunately, it gets used too much so the power is gone, at least, in my eyes. Every statement on a social media outlet about working out seems to have some type of "I'm going beast mode right now," while they are just doing a mundane workout with below average effort, far from beast mode in my opinion. For me, the phrase "Beast Mode" should be rarely used, or any statement like that when it comes to working hard. We can work hard, but when you are taking it to the next level above that is when Beast Mode should be thrown out there. It's when you step your game up way beyond the average level. It is not what most people would claim. You see all these pictures, t-shirts, and check ins on social media stating someone is about to go beast mode. I'm at the thought that it is not something that can be planned, it is something that happens when all the stars align.

How do you reach beast mode when working out, in my opinion?

  • Get Your Mind Right
    • No matter what, you have to do more than what you usually do. Whether it's weight, speed, length, etc. Be above, way above average level of effort. Get your mind right and have that personal conversation with yourself that "it's time to step it up and make a statement to myself."
  • Music and Surroundings
    • The emotion and your surroundings have to be on point. The people around you have to be stepping it up a bit in what they're doing as well. The beats from the music have to be rocking. The environment is energizing and contagious. 
  • Your Coach is Ready to Go
    • Sometimes that extra nudge is all we need to keep us leveling up. The right coach can do that. The right coach knows the right words, knows how to press your Nitro button, and knows how to get you to shift gears. 
  • Take Risks
    • In your workouts you must take risks to allow yourself to progress to that next level. So when it's time to do a task that you have plenty of experience with, take a stand and go for that next level or two in weight or give more effort on that next sprint. I've said it a million times, "you have to get uncomfortable." Playing it safe will get you used to settling for less. No one wants to be average!

Getting yourself to that elite level of effort can be challenging in itself, but it is possible. If we are lucky enough to reach Beast Mode in a workout, take full advantage of it. Some magical things can and will happen for you. Until next time, continue to live life 1 degree above the rest.