Random Thoughts #9

by Sean St.Onge

random thoughts2.jpg

I have often used my Random Thoughts as a vehicle to spawn other blogs…a few of today’s thoughts will, in fact, be separate blogs. So this is essentially a preview of what is to be coming out my mind and mouth. You are welcome.

1. “Don’t get up like that! Get up like this…” We do a lot of Turkish Get Ups at 212 Health and Performance for many different reasons. Yet it should be noted, try using that method for getting up off the floor as opposed to some of the other ways I see people attempting. If you make a painful wincing face when getting up maybe you should try a different way.

2. Don’t be a part time “part timer.” If you either work part time, or more over in the context for training, have a short training day (example: an energy / cardio day) go all out and give 100% effort as opposed to half a$$ing your work because you know you “only have to do a little bit.”

3. Meet new guy Tony yet?

4. Anyone remember this awesome Saturday Night Live sketch? “How Much Ya Bench?”

How much ya bench?by Shakey74

5. Speaking of Tony and bench presses….


6. Or my other favorite w/212 member and composer, Frank Wilhelm, as a Russian, deadlifting!


(ok, I know it’s really Phil Hartman)

7. It is absolutely true that in my world and life there is a movie quote for almost every situation, and YES, I usually can supply each moment with one on demand.

8. On occasion I have wanted to recreate historical moments with the use of exercise equipment such as…Iwa Jima?

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Or better yet, doesn’t this look like back in 1955 when Marty needed to get back to the future and he and Doc Brown used the pole and hook into the flux capacitor?

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

9. As a child of the 80’s, I assumed all high school buses operated like the one in Sixteen Candles...

10. “Scrubs” was a tremendous show and it is as close to how my work day operates in my head. (In my world I am a hybrid of JD and Turk, btw)

11. 23/1??? Are you of the many that works one hour of the day to fix what you do “wrong” with it for the other 23 hours?? We should work on switching those numbers up.

12. Is Kerry or Colin more like Turk from Scrubs?


13. There is no truth to the rumor that Thomas Jefferson has any association to actual “Jefferson Deadlifts." We all know it's based on the character portrayed by Sherman Helmsley.

14. "Millionaire" by Qotsa is my training anthem.

15. I remember a time when saying, "I'm famous on the internet," was a joke and now I think I want to be for reals.

16. I am a self-admitted angry Red Sox fan and budding Qotsa superfan.

17. Speaking of getting fired up, read the lyrics and listen to "Start Today" by Gorilla Biscuits. Should get anyone fired up for doing anything, but specifically for goal setting.