There's a Mess in Here

by Kerry Taylor


This blog was supposed to be about something different, but today’s course of events got me thinking a bit more, so I decided to change the message. What happened today you may ask? There was a flood in my basement, which ended up being a septic tank/pipe system problem. Nasty stuff. Well, trying to be a handy man, that was my diagnosis. So, to confirm my beliefs, I had a real plumber come out and see what was going on. He confirmed what I thought; I have something going on with my septic tank. So, I called a Sewage Treatment professional and had it emptied. This is the first time I was up and personal with the process of emptying the tank. Needless to say, it was interesting to see the process and diagnosis of what was going on.   (Weird, I know) When it was done, I was able to add some disposal knowledge into my handyman notebook. 


Well the septic tank was emptied of all the waste and crap that was in it. Time to see if that was the solution.  But to no avail, it was not the solution. Everything was still backing up into the basement. What’s the next step to figure this out? Of course, uncap the pipes and spend some time to clean out the pipe system with a snake. Just what I wanted to do, sweet! Can you sense the sarcasm? Well here goes nothing.

Hazmat suit- check

Bucket- check

Wrench- check

Gloves- check

Ventilation- check

Music- check (In case I’m down here for a while, might as well have some good beats to work with.  Everything is a little better with good music.)


Well here goes nothing. As I slowly start to unscrew the pipe cap, I start to get a little nervous. I mean, how much crap is going to come shooting back at me into this bucket? Will the bucket overflow? Will I drop the cap accidently into the bucket? Anyways, the cap comes of and the build up was more exciting than what actually happened. Nothing happened at all. There was a blockage that had to be cleaned out. Then, I ran a few feet of snake through the pipe system, but there was still a backup in there somewhere that I couldn’t get to. The plumber will be back in the morning to check it out.

So why did I just lay all that out to you? Well, going through this process got me to thinking. What we all go through in our own minds and what the end result can be when the picture gets muddy.

You ever have those moments when you just want to give up or just don’t think you can do something?  Sometimes it shows itself as an outburst, being pissed off for no apparent reason, or just shutting down altogether. Having the backup in the basement represents these thoughts and feelings. We sometimes let so many negative things (crap) build up inside us or around us that we just can’t take it anymore. We just throw our hands up and say, “The hell with it”.  When we get to this point how do we fix it?

  1. Grab your Fave 5 (refer to my old blog... for an ear to help get rid of the negative mindset. (The clog)
  2. Talk to a mentor or someone you look up to that can help guide you and give you some advice. We all need a mentor or two in our lives. They are usually people that have more experience in life, a field or certain situation than you do. (The septic tank guy)
  3. Inject some motivation and positivity into your life. To get rid of that negativity that’s bringing you down. (The snake)
  4. Create a plan of routines to keep your energy up and positive. There is always going to be stuff that tries to bring you down. Whether it is music, people, places (hopefully for everyone reading this, it is 212 Health and Performance), movies or whatever works for you, just have it around and in front of you so the negativity and doubt does not build up again. (The bacteria to help the breakdown process in the septic tank)

I know this was a weird and kind of gross analogy, but hey, what’s normal about life? Something is always weird to someone. Be YOU, be GREAT and live life 1 degree above the rest. Til next time!!