You Can't Hear Jimmy


After teaching today, I decided to stop by my old stomping grounds, Bally's, to see what changes have been made.  I was expecting a ton of energy and action being that it was recently taken over by another big name chain gym.  But to no avail; the feeling was similar to what it was when I decided to leave.  The energy was just  kinda blah. The constant vibration of the treadmills and the clanking of the weights was all that was really heard.  I thought to myself, "how do people workout in this environment?" Nothing playing in the background to help motivate you, to get you moving and bobbing your head or swaying your hips side to side. Or perhaps, like in my case, you go into full dance mode. That's what happens when you're feeling the music, you enjoy yourself, your endorphins get going and your energy increases.  

So tonight in class, a song that I think is okay, played during class.  As I scanned the room, I see a tall figure wearing an orange shirt jaming out to it.  Now, I tried to get you all a picture of this, but he kept turning his head when he saw me coming. He was singing the song out loud while working out, like he was on American Idol.  Those of you that saw it, I know got a kick out of it.  But that just shows you that music has a way of reaching down deep and getting our blood flowing and putting us in a great mood. So when you're tired or not feeling like it, put on some great beats to get you out of your funk and get you to sing "maybe!"