reflections after the first five weeks- posted by Sarah Hunt

Greetings all, SHH here. Today I signed up for a whole six months of training/punishment with 212, and before jumping into that abyss, I want to take a minute to write down my reflections on my experience for the past couple of weeks.

SHH on the five week introductory phase

Committing to five weeks with 212 was easy. I mean really... it's only five weeks. Even for us commitment-phobes, it's not too bad since the end is in sight right from the start. Yet I can hardly believe that it only takes five weeks to start feeling a change in my body. My energy has skyrocketed and I can even fit into a once button-popping tight pair of work pants. Could I actually be losing inches this quickly? Plus, every single person at Punch makes you feel welcome and part of the family/team/community. It really helps on so many levels. Not only did it make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I also felt accountable to my trainer and class instructors. You don't get that at your $10/month gym.

HOWEVER - the five weeks is such a teaser. I hadn't felt this good in so long that I just HAD to get more. I'm sure everyone who is a member knows what I'm talking about. After your five weeks are up you feel like you just found the source of eternal youth and you're the only person who knows about it. Your body already feels fitter, happier, more productive. You can do everyday tasks easier and quicker. Your mind feels more in touch with your body and vice versa. You feel accomplished and proud, and all you want is more kettlebells!

SHH on motivation

The more I go to class, the stronger I get. The stronger I get, the more motivated I become. The more motivated I become, the more I want to go to class. Repeat. Even on those nights that I start to sense my mind trying to psych me out of going to class, I remind myself of how fun class is - and the crazy thing is that I'm not bullshitting myself. Class actually IS fun. And this is coming from someone who for the past couple years "psyched herself up" for running on treadmills and sitting on those god awful bike seats in spin class. Yeah, getting excited for lifting stuff, throwing stuff, and jumping over stuff with a whole bunch of other people is a whole lot more fun.

Another fun fact: I've started to break my addiction to food and the feeling of fullness. I no longer eat food because it's there, or because it's "food", I eat because food is fuel and my body is a machine. As much as I love a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese mixed with creamy vodka sauce, I know that my body needs actual nutrients (no matter how many whole grains the box claims to have).

SHH on goals for the future

Long story short - I gained 20 lbs. over the span of three months, which is quite a lot for my 5'2" frame. Given my family medical history and my paranoia/habit of self-diagnosing, I needed to do something. Joining 212 for the next six months is the first step in working towards my fitness goal of getting back to a 27 inch waist and fitting into my favorite jeans again by July 1st. And yes, I've tweaked it a little since scrawling it on the chalkboard columns at the gym... swimming Save the Bay in less than one hour is still important but actual poundage is not. It's the inches that I'm really looking to lose.

So that's it for now. I don't know when I'll feel this inspired to write another lengthy reflection on my experiences at 212, but it truly is a great place and I'm excited to be a part of it :)