Superhero Academy

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Superhero Academy


All recruits will receive:

  • A complete 12 week plan of guidance and training to cultivate your superhuman powers and build your superhero physique
  • Pre and post photos and comprehensive body composition analysis using the InBody 570
  • A personal MyZone-MZ3 belt to track training intensity
  • 2 training sessions/week with your coaches
  • Nutrition consultation to figure out what fuel will best suit your powers
  • Individual fuel design plans to ensure you perform at your highest potential
  • Weekly tips and recipes to keep you motivated
  • Unlimited access to classes at 212 Health and Performance
  • Your superhero identity will be uncovered
  • A group superhero challenge event at the end of the training camp to show off your physical prowess

Training begins Monday, 1/1/18. Each recruit will choose one of the following:
Black Squad: Meets MW 7am-8am CALL 401-383-5959 FOR AVAILABILITY
Red Squad: Meets MW 6pm-7pm CALL 401-383-5959 FOR AVAILABILITY
Green Squad: Meets MW 7pm-8pm CALL 401-383-5959 FOR AVAILABILITY

212 Members- use your coupon code at checkout to receive your discount.