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Established in 2016, this super-secret superhero academy has one goal - take mere humans and turn them into bone crushing, deadlifting, PR smashing Superheroes. 

To date, we've graduated dozens of heroes. Hiding in plain site, these brave men and women have been trained to answer the call when danger comes rolling in.

Now, it's your turn. The 212 Superhero Academy needs you!

If you're of able body and mind and think you're up for the transformation keep reading. But if you don't think you can handle 12 weeks of rigorous training, diet coaching and having to buy smaller clothes then read no more - this academy just isn't for everyone.

But if you're ready to make the commitment to yourself, to become better today than the day before, to gain strength and lose fat and to represent 212 Health and Performance as one of their elite superheroes then you must step-up and enlist.

The academy runs for 12 weeks. Starting January 1st, your first six weeks are devoted to breaking through strength plateaus and putting on lean, quality muscle. The final six weeks is when we strip off all the fat. These high-intensity workouts keep you fit for the fight. With 3 academies under our belts, we have found yet another way to improve our academy to get the most we can out of our recruits...

This 12 week academy is just $259.00 for 212 members and $489.00 for non-members.

  • A complete 12-week plan of guidance and training to cultivate your superhuman powers and build your superhero physique
  • Pre and post photos and comprehensive body composition analysis using the InBody 570
  • A personal MyZone-MZ3 belt to track training intensity
  • 2 training sessions/week with your coaches
  • Nutrition consultation to figure out what fuel will best suit your powers
  • Individual fuel design plans to ensure you perform at your highest potential
  • Unlimited access to classes at 212 Health and Performance
  • Your superhero identity will be uncovered
  • A group superhero challenge event at the end of the training camp to show off your physical prowess

We're capping enrollment at 42 recruits so be sure to enlist now!

Academy Begins Monday, January 1st with 3 squads to choose from:

  • Black Squad - Meets M&W 7am-8am CALL 401-383-5959 for availability
  • Red Squad - Meets M&W 6pm-7pm CALL 401-383-5959 for availability
  • Green Squad - Meets M&W 7pm-8pm CALL 401-383-5959 for availability