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"I am thankful for 212!  Continously feeling the rewards from all the hard work and support I receive daily from the crew!  Thank you all very much!" - Marj

Meet Our Team


Kerry Taylor | Owner/Trainer

Kerry has extensive experience in fitness, personal athletics, training, and coaching. He was captain of most of his high school and collegiate football, basketball, and track teams including the National Football Championship winners from UMASS Amherst in 1999. After his collegiate career, he continued on to play football in the NFL with both the New England Patriots and Detroit Lions. Kerry continued his professional experience in both the XFL and AFL before retiring into his passion for training and coaching. Kerry is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, an AOS certified instructor, and the Speed and Conditioning Director in the state of RI. He has trained athletes of all sports and is currently a high school football coach on top of owning 212 Health & Performance. Kerry was the head trainer for a large gym chain for 5 years before deciding to pursue his dreams and train using techniques that are not only proven effective, but that he believes in.
Kerry has been a guest speaker for various groups and events and continues to travel for CRC Health as a motivational speaker.


Colin Aina | Head Trainer

Rhode Island native and a graduate of East Providence High School, Colin has been working in the fitness and athletic industry since graduating from University of Rhode Island with a degree in Physical Anthropology in 2004. Colin decided to continue his athletic career after college after qualifying for the Olympic trials in 2004. He is currently one of the top hurdlers in the nation and has placed highly in national championships and in international competition. He began coaching and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist soon after college. His passion for helping people achieve their goals, in both athletics and everyday life, grew as he worked with more people. He continues to work with everyone from kindergartners to grandmothers. When the opportunity to become head trainer at 212 Health & Performance arose, he immediately embraced the opportunity.
Colin has presented at conferences for both NSCA and Perform Better.


Kim Magnelli | Trainer

Kim has trained almost exclusively with kettlebells for the past six years. Prior to kettlebells, she was a marathon runner. She switched to kettlebells because she found that the bells were so much more efficient than running. Kim says, “kettlebell has become my passion because I am working everything, both strength and cardio, at the same time.” Prior to becoming a kettlebell certified trainer six years ago, she was a health care fraud investigator for twenty years and holds a BS degree in Business. Kim says, “I believe in kettlebells so much that I knew I wanted to help others learn it. It is so empowering to train clients in this art and to see the gains that they make both mentally and physically.”


Steve Magnelli | Trainer

Steve is a kettlebell certified trainer, holds a black belt in Aikido, is a Target Focuses Training Mastery candidate, and holds a BS from Rhode Island College. Steve began training for fitness at 17 and has been working at it ever since. He quickly discovered that he wanted to help other new people learn about fitness and exercise so he became a kettlebell certified trainer. He teaches group classes as well as working with personal training clients. Steve says, “I love to help people change their lives by sharing this information with them. If someone is willing to work hard, I know that I can improve his or her life. Come to 212 Health & Performance to change your life for the better.”


Sean St. Onge | Trainer

Sean, has been involved with fitness and personal training since late 2006. Sean was a head trainer for a New England based Professional Wrestling school for 7 years. Also, while training, he was a "weekend warrior" traveling throughout New England, the Tri-State and Mid-West areas of the country wrestling. The intensity and movements of the 212 Health & Performance workouts was very similar to the training style Sean had been using, deemed "controlled fury." Sean continues to work with special needs adults and he and his clients have seen tremendous results!


Alicia Capellan | Trainer

Alicia graduated from URI with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She holds a personal training certification from AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and has over 4 years of experience as a personal trainer. Alicia is a Fitness Nutrition Specialist certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and is passionate about educating others about nutrition. Caring for and motivating her clients from ages 5-79 years of age, she teaches the importance of being consistent and believing that anything is possible at any age. Alicia has fought her own battles with weight gain and loss surrounded by environmental influences of her culture throughout childhood and college. In college she found out she had diabetes and decided to make a life change. She's lost over 100lbs and wants to pay it forward by motivating and educating others to take similar paths towards getting stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. 


Heather Castellanos | Operations

Heather has been working in the fitness industry since 2003 as a trainer, instructor, and manager. She graduated from College of the Holy Cross in 2003 with a BA and found her passion for health and fitness soon thereafter. She met Kerry Taylor and discovered 212 Health & Performance 5 years ago and was immediately intrigued and determined to be a part of it. Besides helping to keep business flowing at 212, she is contemplating a return to training and instructing.
Heather was a presenter at the 2013 IHRSA Convention and the 2014 NEHRSA Conference for fitness professionals.


Julie Cloutier | Yoga

Julie is a certified Yoga teacher who has been practicing various styles of Yoga for 14 years and teaching for 8. Julie feels blessed to have found her true passion in life. The practice of Yoga has been transformative for her and she hopes to be able to share this love for the practice in every class she teaches. Julie first completed her teacher training through Sivananda Yoga at their Ashram in Grass Valley, CA in 2005. She began teaching shortly after receiving her certification. In 2007/2008, Julie completed her Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with Tom Gillette at Eyes of the World Yoga. Julie has a regular Yoga practice and is continually inspired by the Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram and Prana flow traditions. Classes always include pranayama breathing, creative sequencing and balance between intense, challenging postures and mindful compassionate attention to breath pace. She has taught at Eyes of the World Yoga, Butler Hospital, the State of RI, Wannamoisett Country Club, 212 Health and Performance and RISD, among others. She also teaches classes for children. Julie keeps the love of Yoga as the foundation of her teaching philosophy.


Aura Muccio | Instructor

Aura graduated from Rhode Island College with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and has been working in different areas of Information Technology her entire career. From a young age, she has always been an active person playing soccer and dancing, but didn't really get too involved in group fitness until a few years ago when she started working out with kettlebells. Since then, she has discovered her desire to share her passion with others leading Aura to become a certified Zumba instructor and to develop the Rockin' Ropes program at 212 Health and Performance.