Peter Troy

(Peter Troy- left)
Thank you to all the team at 212 for the Members Spotlight selection.

My introduction to Kerry and the gym came in 2009 by way of an invitation from a golf professional who was looking to form a group to try a 12 week program targeted to improve flexibility and strength specifically for golfers.  The first class focused on leg exercises and, I have to admit, it had been a long time since I have attempted lunges both forward and reverse. I was sore the day after and had to attend a fundraiser at the University Club. I had to walk down the front staircase backways since my quads refused to flex. I vowed to complete the 12 week program and never looked back. I had been a member of a few other gyms but exercised without any real goals. The opportunity to exercise with goals towards improving my golf game, even as I get older, rejuvenated my desire to workout.

Now, working with Colin twice a week he never fails to find new ways to do the same exercises. The focus on core strength has had a pronounced effect on my golf game. Although I am always surprised when he increases weights or adds to the number of repetitions in a set, I find I enjoy the challenge and am generally proud of my accomplishments. 

212 is unlike any gym I have experienced. The staff truly cares and supports your efforts to improve. 212 is constantly making changes all geared to create the best workout experience. I am proud to be part of the 212 family.