Wendy Joering

There are so many people who inspire me daily at 212, so when I received the email from Kerry that I was chosen as Member Spotlight of the month I was honored and honestly shocked.  

I was never an athletic person, but I always stayed active. I was a member of a fitness center for my entire teen and adult life, but I only ‘worked out’ occasionally.  Until college when I gained the freshman 15, weight was never an issue. Then in my 20’s, my weight went up and down 15 lbs-- It fluctuated.   To some that may not be a lot, but when you are 5 ft ¼ inch (every ¼ inch counts!), 15 pounds is a lot.   Then at 30 and 32 I had my girls, and right after both pregnancies I was at a very healthy weight. It wasn’t until I was 35 years old when I started to feel like even if I looked at food, I would gain weight.  I had very poor body image and self-esteem issues.  Up until the day I stepped into 212, it was all about the weight, and the number on the scale, which at that point had exceeded the freshman 15!  

After walking by 212 probably 500 times between visiting my mother at the lofts, and frequenting Seven Stars and Avenue N, I finally went in.  Kerry sat me down and we talked, and I made an appointment to meet with Colin.  I still laugh at the thought of me telling Colin ‘I don’t sweat when I work out’. Oh I sweat - I was just working out incorrectly for the first 39 years of my life!  Colin was patient with me, and pushed me just enough out of my comfort level to keep going. I had zero experience with kettlebells, flipping tires, or pushing cars for that matter, but he had me doing everything - and I loved every second of it.  I have two little girls, and showing them that mommy can do all of these crazy fun things that were helping to keep me strong and healthy was something I was proud of. I started realizing the significance of showing the two most important people in my life that exercising regularly and taking good care of your body is one of the best life lessons I can give them. I wanted to set the healthiest example I possibly could.

Over the next few years, I had many challenges in life, and 212 kept me on track.  212 was a constant, when many parts of my life were so unpredictable. Statistically, I was facing three out of the top five stressors in life, which included losing 5 family members.  Walking into 212 was an escape - a healthy one. Whether it was the encouragement from each and every trainer, uplifting greeting from whoever was behind the desk, to the camaraderie and conversation among members.  I participated in the Jeans Challenge twice, and Superhero Academy once, and set goals and met them. I have learned so much about myself and the strength I never knew was in me - and that the number on the scale means something but NOT everything.  EveryBODY is different and that's ok - healthy can be curvy and that's ok.  Waiting 39 or so years to realize that is a long time. I have a different mindset now, and I know I am stronger and healthier now at almost 45, than I was at 25 or 35.  

212 continues to be a constant in my life - it is therapy for the mind and body every single time I walk in.  On days when I’m exhausted and feel like I don’t have the energy, I am 100% sure I will feel better if I go to class -  so I do. If I cannot get to class because of work, and my kids schedules, I hear Kerry in my head saying C’mon C’mon C’mon, put on Wobble and go for a jog.  212 has become a part of my life that I never want to live without. I want to thank all of the trainers - each and every one of you inspires me in every class I take - I want to thank all of the smiling faces behind the desk every time I walk in, and I want to thank the members who all encourage each other to keep on moving.  There is no other place like 212:-)