Mike Furtado

When I received the email from Kerry congratulating me that I was selected for this month's member spotlight the first thing I said to myself was "SELF?!?...Is he RRREALLY sure about that giving me an open forum?!?" 

Anyone that knows me knows I'm not the type sit here and talk about myself. I mean usually it's always someone else talking about me and I just go along with it, nod, agree with them (that's the sarcastic side of me creeping out kids) hahahaha...alright alright in all seriousness I wasn't always the outspoken and blunt gentleman you see today.

Growing up I was always a pretty scrawny shy kid (I know...hard to believe right?). I had no muscle tone and was pretty much all skin and bones. Around that time is when I experienced bullying which looking back at it now turned out to be a big plus in my life. I used to get into fights and fought back but because of my weak condition I used to come home with a bloody nose, black eye, cut lip, etc. Then one day a buddy of mine introduced me to his weight training room he had in the basement of his parent's house. That was the first time I started experiencing with weights and after that first workout I had a great feeling that this was going to be something really great for me. It boosted up my self-esteem and confidence. Unfortunately, my diet wasn't the greatest. Like any typical teenager, my diet consisted of fast food, pizza, chips, bottles of soda, you name it. I probably weighed around 110lbs during my high school days but was looking for any kind of way to pack on the weight. I know that's not something you usually hear, it's always the opposite where people are looking to lose the weight. Well shortly after high school it didn't take too long to pack on the pounds. 

Enter the college days. I decided to go to college for architectural engineering a month after I graduated high school. I was hitting the books pretty hard but was more interested in whole college party lifestyle instead. Sure enough gone was the lean skinny kid with the six pack to now the wild rebel with one too many six packs...if you know what I mean!

After I graduated college, I married my high school sweetheart, Sonia (who is now a full time member at 212). Shortly after my daughter Hayley was born on October 7th, 2000 and then my son Mikey Jr. was born on June 5th 2002. Anyone that has kids knows the struggle of trying to follow a healthy diet and fit in a workout or just any time for yourself in general. Real life happens and all those good intentions are thrown out the window. Add the mix of your 8am-5pm work schedule and dealing with deadlines not only will cause stress, but poor nutrition...so something had to give.

For quite a while, my great friend Ashley Almeida Anderson was telling me about this gym she goes to and was convincing me to join. I thought to myself when am I ever going to find the time to go so I always would say, "eh...one day." In December 2015, I was invited to Ashley and Tim's wedding and there I was introduced to Alicia Capellan. A few days shortly after, I received a message from Alicia about the January promotion to come attend a class once a week and to try it out and see if I like it or not. In January 2016, that's when I first walked through the door of 212 Health and Performance...and I haven't looked back since (so I apologize in advance to whomever is behind me and I don't hold the door for you).

I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks to Sonia, Ash, and Alicia for the love and support giving me that extra push to get where I am today. A sincere thank you to Kerry, Sean, Colin, Aura, Steve, Kim, Heather, Jessica, Kathy, and the 212 Community for always motivating me and challenging me on reaching my goals (and new ones). 212 Health and Performance to me is NOT just a gym...it is a family! Now if you'll excuse me I have a few old graphic tees I need to cut the sleeves off of for tonight's class. -MJF