Anna Fredh-Goudreau

Lots of people as me, "How on Earth can you get up at 5 in the morning to work out?" My answer usually is: "I just get up and do it." To which I keep hearing, "Yeah, but how can you, it's so early, I could never do it." If you put your mind to it, you can do anything and after a while it becomes a habit and habits are hard to break. In the morning my body is refreshed, rested and ready to give it all.

So what motivates me? I guess I would say it makes me feel good, relaxed, clear headed and euphoric. I get very edgy and jittery if I don't stay active on a regular basis. I have a  very hard time sitting still and relaxing. Yes, there are days where I do NOT feel like working out and honestly those are the days where I force myself to not give in. Instead I push myself a little extra, because on those days the reward is so much more than any other day. I feel alive and accomplished and I'm happy for the rest of the day just because I overcame that feeling of dread. 

Throughout my life I have always been very active from horseback riding to dancing, downhill skiing to soccer to running multiple half marathons and a full one. The only thing that has never been of any interest to me has been the gym or strength training, as I would have to drive somewhere to work out. I have great stamina, endurance and a great dose of stubbornness (which my husband very much agrees to.)

In past years I have mostly run as I love lacing up my shoes, heading out the door and running all the back country roads of Seekonk and Rehoboth. It's easy, I get to clear my head and get a good workout in. It never appealed to me to go to a gym...until a coworker finally talked me into trying out the Friday afternoon Hasbro class at 212 Health and Performance with Sean. My daughter was in her toddler years and I wanted to try something new. I was also very curious since I had been looking at former Punch Gym (now 212) for years...on my visits in and out of Seven Stars Bakery.

The Hasbro classes were great and the way Sean bases everything on your level and ability made it so easy and fun to quickly progress and improve (thank you Sean!!). It didn't take me long until I was hooked, became a member and quickly incorporated the early morning classes into my routine before work. I love the "morning crew". Everyone is focused and ready to give their all! All the smiles and sweat after class is a great testament to an awesome workout and leaves a great feeling for the rest of the day. 

Kerry, thanks to you and your incredible staff I have learned a lot about myself since starting at 212 in 2014. Sean taught me how to foam roll and how to use a P-Knot, showed me stretches and other weird things that somehow make a huge difference when I feel a pinch or a pain somewhere. Colin put me in touch with an amazing PT that helped me work out my knee pain and got me back on track.

I'm fascinated with how strong I have gotten and how ridiculously silly I get when I realize that I'm getting visible muscles. I love being part of the 212 family and seeing the progress of everyone. It's an eclectic gym which I find so encouraging and wonderful. Everyone works hard and puts in a lot of effort in helping each other. I am very happy I decided to finally give it a chance and it's no wonder I'm hooked. I still go to Seven Stars, but now I also go to 212. :) 

Thanks Kerry & Team! See you in the gym!