John Platig

If you've taken class on a weeknight, I'm that guy working out by himself in the corner and failing to correctly answer Sean's questions about 80's bands. After years of doing the same two kettlebell workouts on a concrete slab in a park near my house, working out at 212 is a dream come true for me. When we relocated to Massachusetts from Providence, my commute to the gym was a significant factor in choosing where to move!

The variety of equipment (who knew sleds could be so much fun as an adult?) and workouts have totally reinvigorated my strength and conditioning regimen. With coaching from Kerry and Sean, I've recently moved into the exciting world of olympic- and power-lifting. Over the last year, Sean has done a terrific job of teaching me to focus on quality over quantity and showing me how to push the limits of what I can do. 

After nearly 3 years at 212, I have more explosive strength than ever, and I've put on nearly 10 pounds of (mostly) muscle, which has been a goal since I left college. Now, if I could only cut down on those cheese danishes from Seven Stars.