Miche Marcellot

YEAH! I love 212!

Some of you who may go to classes at night or in the early morning may have never been in a class with me, so you may not know how enthusiastic I am about our gym. Yeah!

After a 30 year career as a landscape contractor, my body was toast- mostly from bad body mechanics on my part. I discovered 212 shortly after Kerry and Colin opened. I actually bought the bulldog you see when you enter the gym, which had a different name at the time. Same great people though and the name change to 212 came shortly after.

At the time I was looking for something to help put me back together after so many years of abusing my body. Even though I had a bunch of triathlons under my belt, I was pretty much out of shape. I later did my first Spartan Race as a member of 212's team.

Initially, many of the exercises taught at 212 were really foreign to me. Remember the first time you did a Turkish Get Up? What the heck was that? Or an overhead squat? Who's Mr. Sotz and why would he press like that? Man, I was no ready for those. I look forward to the new stuff that pops up in classes. Even after 5 years as a member, I'm still seeing new stuff I haven't done before. But that's why I'm here- to learn new things and challenge myself in new ways. Keep it coming people!

Hey, speaking of challenging ourselves- you should sign up for the Dragon Boat Races in the fall if you're around on Labor Day weekend. This year we will dominate!

Thank you Steve, Kim, Alicia, Sean, Colin, and Kerry! You've made life so much more fun!